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Eastern 2020
Published on 11-04-2020

Dear members,

Despite halve the world is in lockdown and many people have to stay at home due the Covid-19 pandemic, I hope you all will have a somewhat great Eastern holiday.

Stay strong during this somewhat wierd time and have faith and happy Eastern to everyone!

Published on 12-03-2020

Due a massive drop in cryptocurrency, withdrawals in Bitcoin and Litecoin will be temporarily unavailable for withdrawals until the value stabilizes again.

SolidTrustPay update
Published on 03-03-2020

Dear members,

The withdrawals from Solidtrustpay have almost been completed, members who's main processor was Solidtrustpay can open up a support ticket to have their processor replaced with another one.

SolidTrustPay bad news
Published on 01-03-2020

Dear members,

Today we and most likely everyone else holding a Solidtrustpay account received notice from Solidtrustpay, they will ceasing its operations effective April 1, 2020.
This means we will no longer accept deposits or purchases with Solidtrustpay from today.
Withdrawal is still possible for 10 days.

A solution for members who only deposited with Solidtrustpay and do not have deposited with another processor will be looked at indivually.

New Adclick wall added!
Published on 27-02-2020

Dear members,

We have added a new Adclickwall for you.
You will find several advertisements and video's to watch and earn!

Make sure to check out Bitswall

You will find Bitswall in the offers section.

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