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Started by tayeb 2018-08-03 at 18:59
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internet marketing agency . Lesson 1: Start with a reason that’s more than money After making around $100 on the site I knew that I had found my career choice. I also knew that I was going to live in Burley, Idaho, and that I wanted to bring non-agricultural jobs to the town. I can’t tell you how sad it is for many of my friends who grew up in a town they knew they couldn’t move back to if they wanted to make a decent living. I wanted to change that. I still do. It’s one of the main driving points for me. Of course you need to make money, but if that is the only thing you are looking for as a business owner then eventually you will fail. You will make decisions that aren’t for your clients, or for your staff, or for the community; you will get short-term gains and create a long term failure. Ananiev, Ukraine


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